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Car Refinance

What is a car refinance?

A Car loan is a credit product which essentially means that the borrower can take money from the bank and purchase a car, it is a secured loan, unlike personal loans. However, Car Loan Refinancing is the replacement of your existing auto loan with a brand new one from a different lender. You can refinance a car loan even when you have an existing loan.

Depending on the auto loan refinance rates that you have agreed with your lender, you can pay back the car loan in installments or by EMIs. Car loans are popular credit products and most lenders offer Car Refinance in Varanasi to borrowers.

Features of Car Refinance

We can now look at some of the common characteristics

  • It's easy to buy a car through car loans - Any lender can offer car loans to people in need of financing, and they do not need to seek informal credit.
  • No collateral requirement - No collateral is required for car loans.
  • Used car loans are also available-Loans are available for those looking to buy second-hand cars.

Required Documents for a car refinance include-

  • Proof of address (photocopies of recent telephone bills/electricity bills).
  • Self-employed individuals and professionals must submit three years of IT returns.
  • Documents proving your identity (photocopies of your voter identification card, passport, driving license, or IT PAN card).
  • Three recent passport photos.
  • Fill out the loan application completely.
  • Recent bank statements (within the past six months).

Eligibility for Car Loans

  • Age: Applicants between 21 and 75 years of age are eligible for car loans.
  • Nationality: Indian citizens are the only ones eligible for car loans.
  • Minimum Salary: A minimum salary of 10,000 is required.
  • Employment Type: Salaried or self-employed candidates are accepted.
  • Tenure: The term of a car loan begins at one year and can extend to five years.
  • Credit History: A credit score of 750 and above is considered a good credit score.

The exact criteria for loan eligibility might differ from one lender to another, so check with the lender for details.

A guide to applying for a car loan through Bhumi Finance

Our website allows you to create a credit profile; the application process takes just a few steps. A credit profile helps applicants understand their credit scores from their past loans and credit card usage.

As a result of your credit profile, you will be matched to credit products, such as auto loans, for which you will be more likely to qualify. Following an application on the lender's website and submitting all required documents, you can begin repaying the loan with EMIs. The used car refinance rates vary according to the lender.

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