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New Car loan in azamgarh

New Car Loan

In India, owning a car is considered still a luxury. But by owning a car, you can upgrade your standard of living. Wondering how? Well, Bhumi Finance is here with their low-interest new car loans. If you are a salaried or a self-employed person, then you can easily seek a new car loan in Jaunpur and get, set, and drive the car of your dreams carefree.

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Features and Benefits

A new car loan in Gorakhpur comes with a bunch of perks. These are enumerated in the following list

Cent percent on-road funding

There is no iota of doubt that new cars are very costly. However, with a cent percent on-road funding, the car of your dreams will not be expensive anymore. The loans extended by Bhumi Finance for your dream car often cover the entire ex-showroom price of the car. Great, no?

Bhumi Finance provides loans with seamless approvals.

Dodge queues and piles of paperwork with Bhumi Finance’s new car loan in Ghazipur. Now, you can seek approval seamlessly and quickly. The distant dream of owning a car can now be materialized

Worrying about collateral? Well, worry not when we are here.

Best of all, new car loans do not come with the requirement of having collateral. Looking out for a piece of land or jewelry ain’t needed anymore as long as you are seeking a new car loan in Deoria from Bhumi Finance.

Happily prepay!

If you wish to opt for a foreclosure i.e closing of the loan before it hits the repayment tenure, then new car loans are for you! Now, prepay and settle your loan without much hassle.

Documents Required for a car loan

  • Only a minimum number of documents are to be attached to a car loan application
  • These basically include the proof of identity and income of the applicant.
  • One can submit Aadhaar card, PAN card, or driving license as proof of identity.
  • As income proof, one is required to submit the bank account statement of 6 months, salary slip of 3 months, and ITR of 2 years.

Avail loan in 4 simple steps

All you need to do is follow these steps.


Check your eligibility.


Decide on the borrowing amount.


Approach us either online or offline. We will get the paperwork ready.


Seek approval on your car loan application.

Things to know while availing a new car loan

When applying for a new car loan in Chandauli, always consider the following:

What interest rate are you being charged?

Before you seek a new car loan, do keep a check on the rate of interest you are being charged. Compare it with what other banks and financial institutions are charging.

For how long, can you borrow?

It is recommended to keep the number of EMIs paid as small as possible. To abide by it, the repayment tenure of your new car loan in Azamgarh should be lengthier. So, consider the repayment tenure before signing the paperwork.

How flexibly can you repay the loan?

Sometimes, banks and payment gateways tend to charge a platform fee when you pay your EMI. In order to avoid paying it, it is imperative to pay via acceptable payment methods.


At Bhumi Finance, you can easily seek a new car loan in Ballia in four steps. First of all, check whether you meet the eligibility criterion or not. Once checked, determine the amount you wish to get. The last two steps involve approaching us and getting approval.

At Bhumi Finance, we are usually able to extend new car loans that cover about 90 to 100% of the car value. The loan amount entirely depends on the ex-showroom price of the car.

Bhumi Finance has been known for extending car loans in the quickest and easiest manner. With us, you can materialize your dream of owning a car without much hassle.

As the name suggests, a fixed interest rate on a car loan remains fixed throughout the tenure of the loan. A floating interest rate, on the other hand, keeps on changing depending on the bank or the financial institution. Bhumi Finance usually extends new car loans at a fixed interest rate.

At Bhumi Finance, we value our loan applicants. Hence, we do entertain interest rate negotiations. However, one must have a good credit score in order to negotiate the interest rate on a new car loan in Khushinagar.

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